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Welcome to the site!!!

Here you will find all kinda JC music. 3 Albums, an unreleased section where song bits n pieces go before release or during creation, pics n vids and a feature track section. Of the 3 albums, one will be unlocked at any given momemt (every week or so) allowing a listening experience unlike any other! Just kidding lol but it’s pretty deadly! Jkjk haha but yup

!!! My new single has arrived !!!

~ We love ~

Below you will find a 30 second teaser of the new song.

The link to purchase We love is in the Menu section under We love if ya just love We love haha!

Stay tuned for the next release

~ Six string ~

latest site update:

2019/09/26 Added a couple deadly video performances lol jk

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Still working on adding purchase options but for now email is the option for buying Lazy James and Life up til now.


To purchase Four letter lie go to the buy section in the menu



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Four letter lie is the second produced album. Murray Pulver eh! I once heard a super cool guy say, “only bad thing about that guy is nuffin!” Ask me who that is if you dare…

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Lazy James was the first produced Album. DJ St. Germain was producer and helped create a sound someone once called Southern Swamp rock lol. A compliment of course and in my mind right on the money. If you want to know who you’ll have to ask.

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Life up til now is a series of demo tracks I recorded at two different studios. At the time I just wanted to hear how the songs sounded and make any changes needed. A good friend suggested putting the 9 songs on a CD and submitting them to the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards where it was nominated in two different categories and had me performing on stage at the awards show. Another ask me who if you dare!